What’s in a Name: Advanced Dental


A dental surgery practice: Advanced Dental.

They get most of their patients from dental offices (like Newtown Dental, Oldtown Dental) that specialize in general cleanings/check ups. Newtown and Oldtown refer their patients to get surgeries at Advanced Dental. They’ve been doing so for years, since Advanced Dental was the first surgery office in the area.

But competition came in the last 10 years, and Advanced now only gets 30% of the area’s patients. New Dental and Clear Smile Center quickly became well to do clinics and easily acquired a lot of referrals from the general offices.

Advanced Dental wants to bring back its game. They need to reinvent themselves.

The new competitors, New Dental, Clear Smile Center, are young offices both with modern names. Just by the name New Dental, you can guess, they have all the right, updated, more-than-adequate equipment, and smart, (perhaps on the younger side) well-qualified surgeons (they must be good -because they opened an office in the area’s dental surgery market).

Clear Smile Center also sends out a vibe. It has a friendly name and sounds like a friendly, well lit, new, modern simplified office. It is probably different from an old school dental office. It is not as strict, and stuffy, intimidating and official, and library-smelling. It probably has a tv and magazines in the lobby, younger doctors, computerized medical records, and more relaxed in general.

All this you can interpret simply by examining the office names, and how long they have been in the area. This is what general dental offices think when they work with the newer surgery offices.

In truth, all the offices have equal abilities.


Advanced has to change its name to stand out.

One thing it cannot do is copy the niche that the newer offices occupy. Their names say “young, modern, newest, welcoming, comfortable, quicker, easier”. They were the first to come into the area’s market and send out that vibe. If another office tries to occupy the same position in the people’s mind, they won’t do too well. They will be copying. They were not the first, they are just ‘another one’, trying to imitate. Therefore there is nothing special about them.

Advanced cant play the “young and modern” card. Advanced has to make up a new theme. They have to be the first ones to bring that theme into the area.

How about UltraTech Dentistry. Now that’s something different.

It plays a card that none of the other offices have yet brought up. It sounds like UltraTech must have the best and newest machines in town. Better than anybody else. Why else would their name emphasize it so? You know they have been in town for a while, so they must know their stuff, and have very well established, trusted doctors. But now what -they must have acquired some kick-ass technology (!). That’s a reason to pay them some new visits.

You see, New Dental and Clear Smile Center claimed the market as the modern/simplified offices. They don’t necessarily have the best technologies, in fact they are probably the same as in any other currently existing surgical office.

UltraTech Dentistry begs to differ.

They now stand out.



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