Social Media for Healthcare

Social Media is a widespread, proven marketing tool for all sorts of businesses.

druggs social media

But what about Healthcare?

Tweeting at fellow hospitals, emergency rooms, Commenting on dental exam pictures, Liking a new drug line on Facebook —don’t really go together.

Not in that way, no they don’t.

Social media clearly needs to be utilized differently in Healthcare fields.


Already quite a few Healthcare organizations are present on Twitter, Google+ & Facebook.  (Modern Healthcare, Mayo Clinic) Their updates are about their organization efforts, new projects, treatments, and healthcare news. These are of course, not medical offices but organizations. They are the pioneers in the Healthcare field. They are interesting to follow, and need to create a big online presence to get their message across.

What about hospitals? What do they have to tweet about?

201103-doctor-patient-checklists-300x205physician refferal

The goal of a medical office, a hospital, a clinic –is to be recognized in their area for their services and to get clients.

Physicians offices are chosen directly by the people. You choose which doctor you go to (1) friend’s & family recommendations (2) prominent names in your town (3) google search…if you’re desperate

So physician offices need to market to the people directly.

Specialty offices, clinics, labs depend on physician’s referrals. Patients go where their physician sends them.

So specialty offices need to market to physicians primarily. It does help of course if the patient has already heard of their brand… so marketing to the general public is still effective.

What do specialty clinics and physicians tweet about?


Goal: To market to the general public.

1. Publish content about prevention and healthy habits.

2. Support and tweet at organizations, sports events, health food stores, alternative medicine clinics, GYMs

3. Conduct polls and start discussions about health and concerns. Redirect to medical Blogs.

4. Publish your clinic’s accomplishments, awards, your doctors’ awards.

5. Ask to recommend clinic to friends. Most new visits come from recommendations. 

Goal: To market to primary care offices.

1. Post any information that will help physicians’ offices, eg: info about prevention, how to get more patients, how to improve clinic’s lounge room, congratulate their staff.

2. Post, Blog, and Tweet about preventative testing (which many clinics do) for physicians’ patients

3. Post business articles talking about the status of healthcare in the united states. (especially relevant in 2013)


Your opinion?

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