Press Releases aren’t meaningful unless…


Press Releases are great news for the party releasing them.

The party who receives the press release may consider the news interestingbut they are also receiving hundreds and countless other press releases … as they open their inbox to read yours. Now how interesting does your press release seem?

Press releases only get noticed and spread by the media if the press release deals with today’s hot topicIn other words, the press release needs to concern a topic that is currently under hot discussion. If not, your company’s news aren’t interesting to anybody.

Step 1: Make your Press Release relate to today’s hottest discussion topic. To find out what that topic is… read the blogs. Read the tweets. Check Facebook. Maybe an occasional newspaper headline. It needs to be a topic heavily discussed by the public, not by a company that just puts the news out. These-a-days, the public creates the material of today’s world, not the companies.




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