Fear and Marketing


Positive guy is positive.
In reality not all events in life require instant success to be successful long term.

Most fears get branded as irrational. Whenever a friend confesses a fear – you laugh inside, because that ‘fear’ is strange to you. You feel a need to explain why there is, really, nothing to fear.  Danger is real. Fear is in the imagination. Fearing is counter productive. (FDR: “The only thing we need to fear – is fear itself”)

Marketers have their own fears. Fears of being declined, laughed at. Fear of suggesting their brand –  and being completely blocked out by another party.

The truth is. Nothing counts as a rejection, until its a physical, written rejection. If you exert marketing efforts, and get no reaction/action – that is not a failure. A failure is when you go into the negative, get sued, get bad reputation. Until then: market non-stop even if there is no initial hits. No initial hits does not mean failure.

If a marketer eliminates that sense of failure, the marketer eliminates fear.

The truth is: marketing goes a long way even if its ‘unnoticed’. Let me explain.

Unnoticednot acted upon.

If consumers see your ads, and don’t engage (ie purchase, follow, attend). That does not mean the marketing plot failed. People are still aware. In the back of the mind, they know you exist. That’s powerful. Ever heard about the power of the subconscious?

Having your audience be AWARE is a huge step. Even if they don’t buy/follow/engage/like/attend/read right away.

What’s left? Keep working at it. Keep posting, talking, representing, advertising. A good marketing effort takes a lot of bricks before a structure can be noticed.

Long term success is a must; instant success is not required.


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