Content to Educate, not to Sell


When creating content, it is so tempting to work it into whatever you’re trying to sell.

Careful – that can work against itself …

We’ve all seen it at work. Home depot commercials tell about the most effective type of  treatment for your patio, and dutifully recommend one of their brands while at it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – to generate sales. However, in the back of their minds, the listeners subconsciously remember “If I need info – Home Depot ads will always be subjective, biased toward their own products.” If that type of ad gets played over a few times, the subconscious message really makes the listener loose trust in the purity of the info HD provides.

Instead of working in sales along with education: Keep it objective and sales-free when writing content to market your brand.

Content Marketing Institute writes about the 12 Lessons for Focusing Your Content Marketing Strategy on Education

For example, when people understand the refrigeration cycle, they’re going to come away with a better understanding of cooling products, overall. When customers are educated, they can make more informed purchasing decisions without needing a lot of assistance from your sales team — in turn, this reduces product returns and increases customer satisfaction rates.

After all, 90% of time people browsing internet are looking for information. (They only spend 10% of their time online actually shopping).

So don’t force sales and advertising onto them, when it’s not what they are looking for.


Your opinion?

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