A Sweet Spot For Social Media Buttons


I will share GIVEN I see the share buttons.

You want online attention, correct? Want to be an expert at online marketing, social media, SEO, etc?

The trend in the last 5 years is to put social networking buttons – on the side, on the bottom, off to the side.

In a way, that is like extending your hand backwards for a handshake. -KsenMarkets

Many sites saw the opportunity – and put their sharing buttons right at the top of their page, right in your face, so to speak. Check out these:

No wonder they have such a wide influence online.

The lesson is: The reader has just clicked on an interesting link, your company’s link. The reader skims the first few sentences of your content.
Full with excitement, hope, new insight, energy.

When is there a better time to offer the reader some social media buttons?

Put those buttons right next to your golden content. Share, Like, Tweet.
That’s the sweet spot for social media shares – in the heat of the moment.


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