To Market to Be Genuine

ImageThink of the companies that you are most proud to do business with. Are they the ones that listen to you, and thank you, and don’t forget you?
(Not like Grumpy Cat!!)

Is Marketing just a way to reel customers in.
Or can Marketing be used post-business to keep up customer relationships.

(The second one!!! The second one!!)

Interacting with clients post-business is:

  • easier than hooking them to your product in the first place
  • shows that you genuinely care about the customer (whether you really do or not)
  • keeps the customer
  • improves your company’s image

Doing post-business marketing shows the consumer that you genuinely care. Your company can now be described as genuine.  Who wouldn’t want that?

In the cold and emotionally removed world of business – genuineness can go a long way.


Don’t have it in you to actually care?
Devote some efforts in your company for follow up campaigns. Letters, Calls, Social Media. For your past clients. Let the technology do the caring for you.


Your opinion?

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