Let the Customer do the Marketing Work


As loganjehall blog reads:

The role of marketing is today; in my humble opinion all about lubricating the wheels of C2C communication.      –loganjehall

In other words, the marketing results you get are not the same as the marketing efforts you exert.
C2C marketing (Mark Earls) is marketing done (intentionally and unintentionally) from customer to customer.
Once you exert marketing efforts and send those efforts to roam the market free – they get picked up by consumers – and the consumers do the rest of the marketing for you.

What does this insight give us?
We can figure out a way to do less of our own marketing and get it to C2C marketing quicker. Do more, but with less.
Catch the interest of the consumer who wants to recommend and you’ve done the most key work, the bulk of your marketing. Almost like a benign parasite. Social marketing companies (eg: Dreamventures) – takes this quite to the extreme by encouraging their customers to become the salespeople. Your goal is to shoot somewhere between there, and fully relying on your own marketing. 

Market efficiently.

Market so that the consumer wants to SHARE your marketing efforts with the world.    –KsenMarkets

That’s the trick.

How to do that?
More tips on that to come soon!


Your opinion?

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