Tip #1: The Superbowl Commercial Example

On the topic of making sure to combine entertainment with good content.

Let’s look back to Superbowl day. The ads aired during that game are one of the key focal points of that day. Not by the businesses. No. By the viewers. Even after Superbowl day has gone by – the ‘best’ advertisements are combined and posted on Youtube for further entertainment.

The companies who post the ads get followed simply by providing entertaining material in their messages. We don’t have to be Einsteins to understand this effect.

But we can learn from this example, and take it for use in other content.

No matter what content you put out into the world (an article and ad, a tweet, a speech) – you always want to make sure it is quality and relevant. Right? But even if it is quality and relevant – you can never be relevant to everybody at the same time.
What is the one thing in the world that is immediately relevant to the masses?
It’s entertainment. A joke, a period of irrelevant amusement. A break. Some quick unrelated pleasure.

To ensure you get more than just your regular audience – put some entertainment in your content.
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Have your pick-up line reserves dwindled over the last couple months??

Here’s a recharge!


Let us praise geek week, geeks, and their laborious studies. We need more science professionals  up in this world.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!

Ain’t nobody got time to listen to every ad in your surrounding. To participate in every group. To subscribe to every YouTube channel. To read the whole newspaper. To follow all the Facebook pages. To go to every gym. To volunteer at every charity. To adopt all the cats from the shelter.

Ain’t nobody got time for ALL “DAT.”.

You will want to associate only with what clicks with you right off the bat.

To determine whether something will “click” only takes 1 impression. Just like a duckling imprints on its mother in the first few minutes it hatches. Just the same -you will imprint with the groups, activities, organizations, clubs, jobs, people in your life you click with first.

The rest -you ain’t got time for.


Ain’t Nobody Go…