Tip #1: The Superbowl Commercial Example

On the topic of making sure to combine entertainment with good content.

Let’s look back to Superbowl day. The ads aired during that game are one of the key focal points of that day. Not by the businesses. No. By the viewers. Even after Superbowl day has gone by – the ‘best’ advertisements are combined and posted on Youtube for further entertainment.

The companies who post the ads get followed simply by providing entertaining material in their messages. We don’t have to be Einsteins to understand this effect.

But we can learn from this example, and take it for use in other content.

No matter what content you put out into the world (an article and ad, a tweet, a speech) – you always want to make sure it is quality and relevant. Right? But even if it is quality and relevant – you can never be relevant to everybody at the same time.
What is the one thing in the world that is immediately relevant to the masses?
It’s entertainment. A joke, a period of irrelevant amusement. A break. Some quick unrelated pleasure.

To ensure you get more than just your regular audience – put some entertainment in your content.
superbowl beyonce


Mix Work and Play. Add Entertainment to Your Content


Online content should always have entertainment value.

  • images
  • memes
  • jokes
  • crafty style
  • unusual title
  • videos (do you know that videos help your SEO efforts >10X ??

The future professionals are the current online surfers, bloggers, and commentators. They are the future – but they are still young. They need stimulation.

Make it a habit to add entertainment value to your post. If it is a politics post, if it is a science post, a market post, it needs to pull in people. And people are impulsive and ADD by nature. When some readers see your post… they might not even know yet that they need to read that post (and that they will like reading it too). Adding entertaining elements to your post encourages these hungry-minded explorers to look and learn.
Let’s teach the coming generations that entertainment goes along with quality content. Let’s not make quality content a thing for librarians, introverts, and techies.

A Sweet Spot For Social Media Buttons


I will share GIVEN I see the share buttons.

You want online attention, correct? Want to be an expert at online marketing, social media, SEO, etc?

The trend in the last 5 years is to put social networking buttons – on the side, on the bottom, off to the side.

In a way, that is like extending your hand backwards for a handshake. -KsenMarkets

Many sites saw the opportunity – and put their sharing buttons right at the top of their page, right in your face, so to speak. Check out these:

No wonder they have such a wide influence online.

The lesson is: The reader has just clicked on an interesting link, your company’s link. The reader skims the first few sentences of your content.
Full with excitement, hope, new insight, energy.

When is there a better time to offer the reader some social media buttons?

Put those buttons right next to your golden content. Share, Like, Tweet.
That’s the sweet spot for social media shares – in the heat of the moment.

Hard Work and Success: A correlation?



Ever heard Thomas Jefferson say,

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

Does hard work directly correlate to luck and success?

No it does not. If it did –> refer to meme at start of this post.

On a serious note: According to Charlotte Beers, (american businesswoman, former under secretary of state, and influential writer,) 

“two thirds of your day is about delivery (the way you work), and about one third is getting good work done well”

Working hard means “getting good work done well.” But it’s how you deliver that work to others that brings you success and luck with others. If you know yourself to be a hard worker but aren’t getting results – you need to focus on delivery.

Social Media exemplifies this concept.

  1. Even though you are writing killer content, it is NOT getting noticed. Change the way you deliver it. Write in shorter sentences. Link Videos. Link other blogs. Chose your colors well.
  2. Your Facebook is filled with amazing motivational and educational content but people aren’t noticing. Tag others and organizations in the posts. Link. Try a social ad campaign.
  3. Every neighboring business knows about your business, but you’re not getting clients. Ask advice from your neighboring businesses. Link your local listings to theirs. Distribute print ads through your local business neighbors. Change your online presence. Find new forms of customer to business conversation. AKA business to customer DELIVERY.

The next time you pour your soul and heart into something – and get nothing back. Rethink where your efforts are going.

Are you delivering your efforts the right way?

If they are not coming across – they are going to trash.

(For future: if you improve the way you deliver, you won’t have to squeeze yourself like a lemon next time – you will get better results without overexerting yourself.)