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For better SEO: Tell Your Programmers to use Adaptive Web Design

For better SEO: Tell Your Programmers to use Adaptive Web Design

Adaptive and Responsive web designs are ways of making your site fit any mobile device.
Responsive   fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size.
Adaptive – will change to fit a predetermined set of screen and device sizes.

“So, if you really want to pay attention to the mobile user experience and serve contextually relevant content to better serve your user and your business, yes, dynamic serving through RESS or adaptive Web design (or mobile URLs) is better for SEO than responsive Web design. There are still workarounds for both, however, so if you can make responsive Web design work well for your users and your business (which isn’t easy, as I’ve said manytimesbefore), it’s better to do that than adaptive Web design or RESS.”

, Marketing Land Blog

A Sweet Spot For Social Media Buttons


I will share GIVEN I see the share buttons.

You want online attention, correct? Want to be an expert at online marketing, social media, SEO, etc?

The trend in the last 5 years is to put social networking buttons – on the side, on the bottom, off to the side.

In a way, that is like extending your hand backwards for a handshake. -KsenMarkets

Many sites saw the opportunity – and put their sharing buttons right at the top of their page, right in your face, so to speak. Check out these:

No wonder they have such a wide influence online.

The lesson is: The reader has just clicked on an interesting link, your company’s link. The reader skims the first few sentences of your content.
Full with excitement, hope, new insight, energy.

When is there a better time to offer the reader some social media buttons?

Put those buttons right next to your golden content. Share, Like, Tweet.
That’s the sweet spot for social media shares – in the heat of the moment.

SEO – Utalizing Complimentary Products

Flower Shop

Flower shop by Aysu ÇİÇEK, Istanbul

Pages that get the most inbound links are the pages with the best content. The content is

  • neat/organized
  • reliable
  • specializes
  • contains much information

So… writing relevant content can’t hurt your Google ranking.

How do you write relevant content that moves you up on the Google search?

Here is a list of questions to ask when pasting content on your site:

  1. What other interests do people who would like your business have?
  2. Why would they need to use the search engine for their other interests? What do they need?
  3. How can your site help them find what they need?


I asked a local flower shop, Flower Ensemble  to answer these questions, to help improve its web site ranking. Here is how they answered:

1.   People who like to buy flowers also like…

  • Home decor and house design
  • Weddings (Teenage girls, girls, people who watch wedding shows)
  • Mothers day, valentine’s day, birthday arrangement searchers
  • Gardeners and flower growers looking for info


  • When people search for home decor/design advice they are looking for right color palettes, themes, furniture.
  • When people search for wedding stuff they look for themes, prices, flower prices, venues, catering, wedding show pages
  • When people search for mother’s day, birthday, valentine’s day, they search for calendar dates, gift ideas, home delivery, (the list goes on on this one)
  • When people search gardening, they search care instructions for specific flower types, they search functionality of flowers, gardening advice and gardening products

3.   Flower Ensemble can provide relevant content on these topics:

  • An article/images/video on how flowers can compliment your home design. Different designs vs different flowers.
  • An article that talks about themes for weddings. Locations for weddings. Caterers for weddings. List some local businesses that can help (Not a lot. Remember, you are trying to provide content, not advertise!)
  • Reminders about flower-holiday dates, and suggestions for gifts.
  • Info about different flowers, how they are grown, what is the best fertilizer, what are the easiest flowers to grow in this area, local farmers market events, moon calendars.

Now that Flower Ensemble‘s web site contains this useful complimentary-product info. Their web site will be called upon more frequently for web searches. (Because most web searches are information-centered, not shopping-centered).

The best part is that Flower Ensemble does not need vast volumes of this “complimentary product information” to improve their google rating. They just need a bit. Low effort  – High Outcome. Now their website is linked (in the mind of the consumer) to many other services. The consumer forms multiple associations between other products and Flower Ensemble.